Saturday, January 7, 2012

January Knitting

Here we are, already done with the first week in January! Which tells me two things:
1.) I need to finish that baby blanket soon.
2.) Classes are starting again in just a few weeks.

Although I'm looking forward to my outreach class, and am ridiculously excited for my cataloging class (nerd alert!), and still wondering about my fieldwork placement.... I'm still not quite ready to head back into school mode. I know most of my friends who are in school/teachers have already gone back, or are going back within the next week or so. But still.... I'd like to enjoy break a bit longer, please.

The blanket which must be complete by February is half-way done! I'm ready to be finished with it, but hoping the last half will go fairly fast. Almost ready to add the 3rd skein..... almost. And after that, I have a test knit to work on, a neck warmer and pair of mittens for brother-the-younger, and then another big project which is still in the secretive planning stages. Although I may have just bought a ginormous amount of yarn for it last night. :)

Seriously.... does my knitting and yarn buying know no bounds? LOVE. IT. :D

Also, I made a loaf or two of pumpkin chocolate chip bread this morning. And we're having stuffed peppers for supper. AND, some friends are coming through town today on their way home and we're meeting them for lunch. Which means I should probably get ready.

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