Sunday, July 29, 2012

Cast On!

The Ravellenic Games have officially begun, and I have officially missed the mass cast on party. We were still on our way back from St. Louis with the senior kidnapping youth event when mass cast on began, and yesterday was a catch up/recoup day that was *mostly* successful. (I decided laundry's unimportant this weekend.)

Tonight I'm officially casting on my project, which, unfortunately doesn't exist in the Ravelry database. Imagine that. The shawl I'm attempting completing is part of a kit D bought me for Christmas last year. (He let me pick it out. Isn't that thoughtful of him? :) He's the best.)

Ravellenic Games 2012!

I can't wait to finish it -- my first shawl, and it's going to be gorgeous! Hopefully the pattern's not too confusing or frustrating.

I also got many lovely birthday presents from some loved ones.... and although I love them all, I really wanted to share this one. It's from my grandparents and I can't wait to wear it once the weather finally cools off. The colors are so perfect, and my grandma found it at a farmers' market -- how perfect!
Birthday scarf!
It's been a rather exhausting weekend, so I'll leave you with this. Maybe I'll actually have a finished shawl to show off by the end of the Olympics!

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Why, Hello Again!

Things have been pretty quiet around the blog lately, but that's not for lack of things going on in real life: friends visiting, celebrations and family get togethers, church events, volunteering, and softball have resulted in quite a busy summer! We've finally arrived home from our whirlwind vacation, which included visiting both sides of the family and spending some time in Kansas City on our own. We had a splendid time, and it felt sooo good to rest and relax a little (having other people cook for me wasn't so bad, either!) after the busy, stressful, and blessed year we've had.

Some friends of ours shared the bounty of their garden. Not only does it look pretty, but it tastes good, too! I was definitely busy making lots of zucchini breads and bars a few weeks ago in preparation for our travels and visits with friends and family.

I've got a few things lined up to highlight in the next week or so, but first they must reach their intended recipients. I'd hate to spoil any good surprises. I'm also starting to get everything together for The Event Now Known as the Ravellenic Games. I'm really excited to participate this year and hope it will be a resounding success! D bought me a shawl kit for Christmas and I'm thinking this will be the perfect time to complete it!

As if I don't have enough other crafty things going on, I'm also taking up cross-stitching again, and have decided to venture into the world of embroidery as well. More crafty goodness!! I got a cute The Lord is My Shepherd kit to work on, plus some extra supplies to create a few other projects. And some iron-on transfer embroidery patterns, which is convenient considering I just happen to have some plain tea towels tucked away upstairs in storage.

Hard to believe we've been here for almost an entire year. It's been a year of changes, learning, struggles (mostly with schoolwork, haha!), acceptance, and laughter. Looking forward to a much more steady (and hopefully not as stressful) second year!

For now, I leave you with a few pictures from our vacation:
Steamboat Arabia
View atop the Liberty Memorial Tower

T-Bones game on Independence Day!