Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Crafting Tuesday

Today I've had some huge accomplishments:
1.) I didn't get up at 11:30 like yesterday. No. I got up (read: out of bed, not just woke up) at 7:30. Amazing.
2.) I got all the dishes washed before 8:15 am.
3.) I caught up on email correspondence (ok... not that huge, since I try to keep up with that on a daily basis).

Then I decided today was a crafting sort of day. So I pulled out my two skirts which I cut out last year and learned how to operate my new (to me) sewing machine, and went to town. Except two problems: I don't have the correct colored zipper for Green Skirt, and don't have the right color thread for Orange Skirt. Nor do I have the right size pattern for hubby's pj pants. Hm. So far, I've gotten Green Skirt sewn together on the main seams. And I've got Orange Skirt pinned together.

The quilt! I've got a baby quilt I started years ago, which now will actually go toward a proper recipient... as long as I can find the missing two strips I need to bind it. That's it. I'm so close to finishing that quilt.... and here I am missing one part. Since I bought this fabric years ago, I doubt I'll be able to find the same color anywhere. Not to mention that Jo-Ann's is a good hour away. Guess it's time to dig through the fabric bags I've got stored in the ottomans.

But the baby blanket? I started the 3rd skein yesterday at Knit Night! THIRD SKEIN! I'm over half way finished! :)

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