Wednesday, February 26, 2014

midweek crafting update

The sock is coming along nicely. I've turned the heel and am now working the gusset. Knitting socks is not nearly as intimidating or challenging as I previously thought, although it does take some time. I'm glad I've challenged myself to try something new, though.

Slowly but surely I'm getting myself out of the creative rut known as Deep Winter. I've been buying quite a bit of fabric (much to my husband's chagrin), and making plans for a quilt in addition to working on the Boxy Bags. Now, this quilt will take a while. It's a baby quilt for a friend who is not yet expecting, but I've got the perfect idea for it, so I obviously need to plan it out NOW. I've got a few other baby-related projects for a different friend in the works, too.

My darling niece turns one in just a few short weeks. {insert typical comment about how time flies here} She's so adorable, and living so far away is hard. Thank goodness for photos! I've got some exciting things ready for her birthday package, just need to get them all wrapped up and put in the mail. I hope she enjoys them, although I'm sure she'll enjoy the wrapping paper more at this point. :)

Meanwhile, I've added some adorable little girl headbands to my Etsy shop, The Caffeinated Sheep. Check them out! Also available in black/white, purple/black, and brown/white (with a blue headband!).

Monday, February 17, 2014

an adventure in sock knitting

Our knitting group is doing a sock knit-a-long during February. We're having lots of fun with this adventure, and are excited to see how they all turn out. From a knitting perspective, socks have intimidated me for a long time, but they're not as challenging as I thought! Tonight I got through turning the heel. We'll see if I'm feeling adventurous enough to conquer the gusset this week, or if I'll just wait until next week's gathering.

In other (non-shocking) news, I am so done with winter and ready for spring. The weather today was sunny and in the 40s... it was glorious. I almost didn't need a coat when I left knit night. They're predicting 60s later this week... yippee!