Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Processing . . . Overload

My brain is currently experiencing an overload of discussion post readings. Please stand by while we reboot the system.

Friday, January 27, 2012

Week 1: Review

The first week of classes has more or less come and gone... One of my classes actually runs Weds-Tues, so it's nice to have readings and assignments spread out more throughout the week. However, that means (unless I'm super organized), I'll be working on homework most weekends. Not my ideal way to spend the semester, but if it must be done... so be it.
I'm currently working on my bibliography for my cataloging class. We have to pick, among other genres, a cooking or home economics book. Deciding which of the two- easy. I'm picking knitting of course! But which knitting book? That's an entirely different problem... albeit a very good problem to have.

The semester doesn't look like it will be super challenging, which is good. At least no more challenging than normal. :) However, I am registered for comps, so... talk to me after that. I'm sure those 2.5 weeks might be a bit highly stressful! Fieldwork takes up 3 mornings a week, but there's no readings or other assignments due with that, except for the occasional discussion post. Which means, so far, I've felt like I've had a bit more "me" time than normal. And by "me" time, I mean time to cook, pick up around the apartment.... all those good housewifely duties I've come to know over the past 7 months. Sadly I didn't get any more knitting done outside of our weekly Knit Night. But that's ok. This week's definitely been busy enough as it is!

I'm facing the knitting deadline here as my friend's baby is due soon! I've really got to get that blanket finished up. My knitting friends agree that I can totally leave a few inches off the length of the blanket. Good thing, since I was planning on doing that anyway. :) I'm planning on taking some time for myself this evening and really focusing on it. If all goes as planned, I'm hoping to have it finished within a week!

Hopefully next week will feel more "normal" and like I've got this routine down.

Monday, January 23, 2012

Happy New Year!

Today marks the Year of the Dragon! Brings back so many memories of China 2009.

Today is also the first day of classes for the new semester. I'm taking Cataloging & Classification, as well as Archival Outreach. I'm also completing my fieldwork/practicum this semester....

Which starts today as well. Nervously excited for that. Not quite sure what projects I'll be working on this semester, but I'm looking forward to the experience and hoping it will be mutually beneficial! Here's praying....

Also for some reason or another, my blog seems to be getting a bunch of spam hits..... not quite sure why people (robots?) are linking from a "dental implants" site..... hmmmmmm....

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Weekend Recap

M has come and gone, and it was a delightful weekend.

Saturday, M arrived and I made this chili for lunch! Yummy, sweet, and just a touch of spicy. We then ventured out to Knob Noster to visit this cute little store called Whimsy Lane. Handmade items, Missouri products, cute little things you just want to decorate your house with! I picked up a few things for my swap partner (squee! so excited about that!!), and a pair of toaster tongs (seriously, one of the best things invented. ever.), a dishtowel with a sheep embroidered on it, and some yummy smelling soaps that M and I split. Blackberry vanilla musk and jasmine vanilla. What a treat. :) We also stopped at the Dutch Country bulk foods store to browse a bit. We didn't wind up buying anything, but it's always a neat place to look for unique gifts or treats! We finished the evening with supper at Kehde's.... PERFECT.

Sunday the choir sang, we had a potluck, and a voter's meeting, then attended the Sedalia Chorale concert in the afternoon. Delightful music as always! It was a busy, tiring day, and we were glad to relax in the evening with some Tour Chicken, wine & cheese, and of course, the BBC Pride and Prejudice.

Monday was an adventure day, although most of our planned adventures didn't work out as intended. We planned on visiting Bothwell Lodge, but it's only open for tours Fri-Sat apparently. Then we ventured down to Cole Camp, and all but two stores were closed there as well. So we drove to Lincoln for some tasty treats from Estes Drive- In, which was also closed. FAIL. On the way back, we attempted to stop at a few antique stores, which closed 3 minutes after we pulled into the parking lot. Thank goodness Calgaro's was open, because we had some delicious pizza for dinner. :) Knit Night was at the ever-lovely A's house, and I really enjoyed the relaxing ending to the otherwise hilariously frustrating day. None of the places we wanted to go were closed because of the holiday..... apparently places just like to be closed on Mondays. We finished out Monday with some games and severe storm warnings.... thankfully there weren't any tornados in our neck of the woods.... but seriously? Tornados in January?

Tuesday was spent in Columbia.... shopping for yarn and more yarn. :) We stopped at the other Dutch bulk food and bakery.... :) So many good things to get there. Two yarn stores, lunch, and the mall later, we made it home in time to go to the local pub downtown for dinner. Finishing up some knitting and Pride and Prejudice was a perfect end to the absolutely delightful weekend.

I've spent today finalizing details for the upcoming semester (next Monday! eek!) and cataloging my new yarn on Rav. It takes so little to make me happy. Oh, and my cataloging books came in the mail. Guess what I'll be doing tonight!

Thursday, January 12, 2012

It's been an interesting couple of days...

I pulled out my sewing machine the other day, but quickly remembered just how frustrated I get when sewing. For someone who tends to like details, I often get annoyed with all the little things and finishing touches on sewing projects. Today I'm determined to finish Green Skirt (just need to tack the yoke and hem it up, but then I think I'm putting away all the sewing for a different day.

And then we'll be back to knitting. I guess this has taught me knitting really is my first (and only?) craft love! Turns out I have so much more patience with knitting than any other craft.

In other news, I'm still waiting to hear about grad school stuff for next semester.... which starts in 10 days. So not happy about the lack of communication going on here..... I'm trying to remain patient and hopeful, but I'm getting really frustrated. And that makes me want to cry.

And since it snowed last night (finally!), even though most of it's melting off already, and we only got a dusting on the ground here, I just may pop over to the movie store and rent Girl with the Pearl Earring. I read the book a few years ago, couldn't put it down, and loved it. Maybe it's time to indulge in some Colin Firth love as well. Perhaps that will also help raise my spirits from this bizarre stir-craziness that's taken hold of me. :P

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Crafting Tuesday

Today I've had some huge accomplishments:
1.) I didn't get up at 11:30 like yesterday. No. I got up (read: out of bed, not just woke up) at 7:30. Amazing.
2.) I got all the dishes washed before 8:15 am.
3.) I caught up on email correspondence (ok... not that huge, since I try to keep up with that on a daily basis).

Then I decided today was a crafting sort of day. So I pulled out my two skirts which I cut out last year and learned how to operate my new (to me) sewing machine, and went to town. Except two problems: I don't have the correct colored zipper for Green Skirt, and don't have the right color thread for Orange Skirt. Nor do I have the right size pattern for hubby's pj pants. Hm. So far, I've gotten Green Skirt sewn together on the main seams. And I've got Orange Skirt pinned together.

The quilt! I've got a baby quilt I started years ago, which now will actually go toward a proper recipient... as long as I can find the missing two strips I need to bind it. That's it. I'm so close to finishing that quilt.... and here I am missing one part. Since I bought this fabric years ago, I doubt I'll be able to find the same color anywhere. Not to mention that Jo-Ann's is a good hour away. Guess it's time to dig through the fabric bags I've got stored in the ottomans.

But the baby blanket? I started the 3rd skein yesterday at Knit Night! THIRD SKEIN! I'm over half way finished! :)

Sunday, January 8, 2012




We now return to our regularly scheduled knitting. :)

Saturday, January 7, 2012

January Knitting

Here we are, already done with the first week in January! Which tells me two things:
1.) I need to finish that baby blanket soon.
2.) Classes are starting again in just a few weeks.

Although I'm looking forward to my outreach class, and am ridiculously excited for my cataloging class (nerd alert!), and still wondering about my fieldwork placement.... I'm still not quite ready to head back into school mode. I know most of my friends who are in school/teachers have already gone back, or are going back within the next week or so. But still.... I'd like to enjoy break a bit longer, please.

The blanket which must be complete by February is half-way done! I'm ready to be finished with it, but hoping the last half will go fairly fast. Almost ready to add the 3rd skein..... almost. And after that, I have a test knit to work on, a neck warmer and pair of mittens for brother-the-younger, and then another big project which is still in the secretive planning stages. Although I may have just bought a ginormous amount of yarn for it last night. :)

Seriously.... does my knitting and yarn buying know no bounds? LOVE. IT. :D

Also, I made a loaf or two of pumpkin chocolate chip bread this morning. And we're having stuffed peppers for supper. AND, some friends are coming through town today on their way home and we're meeting them for lunch. Which means I should probably get ready.