Sunday, July 31, 2011

Tomorrow is August?

Where is time flying? That means only about a month left until school starts back up again! So many changes this summer... so much excitement! I'm hoping that once the school routine settles in again, I'll feel like life is slowing down a bit.

Right now, I'm signed up for Intro to Reference Services, Preserving Information Media, and Legal Issues for Library and Information Managers. I'm actually really looking forward to the Legal Issues class (Surprised? Yeah, I am too.) and am hoping it won't disappoint. Preserving Information Media should also be very informative and enlightening. My advisor is teaching this class. My advisor is fantastic. Hence, I'm looking forward to it, even though it wasn't one of my first choices class wise.

I'm wondering if my late registration has something to do with the career path ahead of me. I'm inclined to believe this is God showing me the next part of His plan. I'm not taking two of the three classes I was hoping to: Cataloging and Management of Library & Information Services. Don't get me wrong. I still want to take these two classes. Cataloging because it sounds fun- and don't think it would be too hard (ha!). Management because it's the prereq for Academic Libraries-- which is where I'd eventually like to end up. But perhaps there are plans for me to do archiving and things more along the lines of records management. I don't know if I'd mind RM so much, but it just doesn't sound as intellectually stimulating to me as archiving or librarianship do. I guess I just need to be patient and see where God's leading me.

P.S. Jimmy John's was the perfect idea for dinner. Thanks, hubby. :-)

Saturday, July 30, 2011

Moving Update

Well, we made it! We've got everything in our new apartment, we're slowly unpacking everything, and settling into life here in Sedalia. What a blessing that about 15 people showed up from our new congregation to help us unload our moving van. It was a nasty hot day, and with everyone's help, we got the entire van unloaded in about 30 minutes. Amazing!

I've been planning this post in my head for a few days now, thinking of things to mention about how thankful I am for what I have right now. And of course, I can't remember every single one when I finally sit down to write. Here's a few brief highlights of our first week in Sedalia:

1. We had our first (unexpected) visitor the first morning in our new home. A member of the congregation who works just down the block stopped by to say hello. We were a bit flustered at the presence of the unexpected houseguest while our abode was still in boxes and piles, but glad he introduced himself anyway. We're finding that people here are quite the friendly bunch.

2. I've met two ladies my age who seem really nice and sweet. The one is a crafter, which scores automatic awesome points in my book. I've run into the other one a few times while running around town, and I'm always glad to see her friendly face.

3. Drew made brownies for me the other day. Just because. The super fudgy ones too!

4. My first cooked meal in our new home was a success. Which made me feel really good, because all I did was throw chicken and vegetables in the fry pan and serve it over rice.

5. While we've been cleaning our apartment (because really, don't you feel better knowing that the dust and dirt is your dust and dirt??), we've come across an odd assortment of items that belonged to the former occupants. Such oddities include a red and white striped sock under the fridge, Heineken bottle caps under the stove, and sequins, beads, and earring wires embedded in the carpet. Um. Weird.

6. I'm finally starting to decorate a bit. And, I found a super cute tablecloth on clearance for $3. Score!

7. Yesterday was quite the productive day. Paid the rent, started the official name change process, took a huge load of boxes to the recycling center, and shopped for some home supplies. It felt good to get things done. :-)

That's a good list for now.... I should get back to my logic puzzle while I wait for the dryer to finish. So much for going to bed early today.... ah, the life of the domestic.

Monday, July 25, 2011

Moving Day...

Don't have much to post today, except that it's moving day. I'm a mixture of nervousness, anticipation, and a bit of excitement. Moving to a small town is something I honestly never really saw coming when I planned out my future as a child. Some days, I still have doubts about this city girl's ability to make it in a small town... but I know God has a plan for our lives, and that I'll learn and grow as everyone else does. Everyone else seems very positive about our move, and I've received multiple comments from people about how exciting this all is....... I suppose I should trust them, right? :P

Aside from the general moving anxiety I seem to have, I'm also still contemplating what this move means for the half-baked librarian/archivist I am. Yes, we won't be too far from KC, but I still feel kind of like I'm leaving my professional net, my colleague support group, not that I have a very extensive, tight group here. I think it's more the concept of things. I'm viewing this whole life-altering move as an adventure, something that will give me experience both personally and professionally. Another puzzle piece in the life of BiblioBleez.

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Happy National Ice Cream Day!

Today is National Ice Cream Day! Of course D and I celebrated-- how could we not?! But that left me wondering... how did National Ice Cream Day become, well... National?

So off I went on a librarian search through the catacombs of Google (what else?! :P). After a little digging, I discovered this Presidential Proclamation from 1984, in which Ronald Reagan declared July National Ice Cream Month. I mean, Reagan himself declares ice cream as a "nutritious and wholesome food." I'm not arguing.

Happy National Ice Cream Day, y'all!

Saturday, July 16, 2011

What a yarn of a tale...

Why yes, I am moving in a week.
Why yes, I do have more things to pack than I realized.
Why yes, I am worried about everything fitting in our new apartment.
Why yes, my nearest Jo-Ann's is moving to a larger location, and consequently having a HUGE "Everything Must Go!" sale.
Why yes, I did find yarn at 50% off.

Why yes, of course I needed to buy the 8 skeins of yarn I found.....

[Not to mention the 5 I picked up at Michael's yesterday, plus the 4 I ordered for my brother's requested projects! Or the yarn I received as bridal shower gifts.... or the yarn I bought on our honeymoon.........]

Grand total added to stash within past month and a half: 24 skeins.

Why no, I don't need help!

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Onward and Upward!

Friends. So much has happened since I've last posted, very little of which is library-related in any form. Sitting next to my husband tonight, watching the All-Star game, I thought I'd provide a bit of an update.

First, and most importantly. D and I tied the knot back in June! In fact, we've been married for a little over a month already. Our wedding was absolutely perfect, and everyone enjoyed the day immensely. After the reception, we ventured over to Ted Drewes for some delicious St. Louis custard. Turns out the bridal party gets free custard and we saw some fireworks. A perfect end to a perfect day. We thoroughly enjoyed our extensive honeymoon to Pennsylvania and DC. Of course we visited the Archives again. I couldn't resist! And of course I bought yarn. That alone is a splendid trip all around. :-)

We're finalizing up plans for our big move to Sedalia in a few weeks. Now that we have a place to live, which we're very happy with, we can focus on packing, packing, packing. Not my favorite chore in the world, but it needs to get done. And I'm excited to start unpacking and organizing and making our place a home. Like, really excited.

Sorry I don't have much library-related to discuss right now. The rest of life seems to be more important at the moment. :-)