Friday, January 27, 2012

Week 1: Review

The first week of classes has more or less come and gone... One of my classes actually runs Weds-Tues, so it's nice to have readings and assignments spread out more throughout the week. However, that means (unless I'm super organized), I'll be working on homework most weekends. Not my ideal way to spend the semester, but if it must be done... so be it.
I'm currently working on my bibliography for my cataloging class. We have to pick, among other genres, a cooking or home economics book. Deciding which of the two- easy. I'm picking knitting of course! But which knitting book? That's an entirely different problem... albeit a very good problem to have.

The semester doesn't look like it will be super challenging, which is good. At least no more challenging than normal. :) However, I am registered for comps, so... talk to me after that. I'm sure those 2.5 weeks might be a bit highly stressful! Fieldwork takes up 3 mornings a week, but there's no readings or other assignments due with that, except for the occasional discussion post. Which means, so far, I've felt like I've had a bit more "me" time than normal. And by "me" time, I mean time to cook, pick up around the apartment.... all those good housewifely duties I've come to know over the past 7 months. Sadly I didn't get any more knitting done outside of our weekly Knit Night. But that's ok. This week's definitely been busy enough as it is!

I'm facing the knitting deadline here as my friend's baby is due soon! I've really got to get that blanket finished up. My knitting friends agree that I can totally leave a few inches off the length of the blanket. Good thing, since I was planning on doing that anyway. :) I'm planning on taking some time for myself this evening and really focusing on it. If all goes as planned, I'm hoping to have it finished within a week!

Hopefully next week will feel more "normal" and like I've got this routine down.

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