Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Finished Object: Fall Hat

I've never been one to wear many hats, literally. Figuratively? Oh, absolutely. But not literally. This year, I decided to change that, and what better time to start than in the fall? I'm constantly finding lovely, cute, and adorable hat patterns on Ravelry, and this one happened to fall perfectly into my lap. I had some yarn that wanted to become a hat, this pattern has been made countless times with that exact yarn, and the pattern is both cute and functional. Better yet? It's a free pattern. Perfect on all accounts!


Star Crossed Oktoberfest!

My Pattern Page: Star Crossed Oktoberfest
I followed the pattern, although I could have gone down another needle size on the ribbing. It still fits, though, so I'm happy with the result. This was such a fun pattern to knit, relatively quick and painless, and the end result is a dream. It's soft, squishy, and the perfect addition to my fall wardrobe (wool, alpaca, and silk.... yum!). Can't wait for Oktoberfest in a few weeks to show it off even more!


  1. I found this on Ravelry and had a question about the pattern. It says to work Rows 1-12 one time, do you knit the cable pattern then knit it again? or just one set of rows 1-12? I'm probably making this a lot harder than it actually has to be. (: lol

    1. Hi there! I actually had the same question, and this is the conclusion my knitter friends and I came to: Knit rows 1-12 one time, then do the increase round. With the amount of yarn I had leftover at the end of the project, I wouldn't have had enough to do rows 1-12 twice before the increase round, and the hat would have been huge! Hope that helps!

    2. That helps so much! Thank you for your response!