Monday, October 13, 2014

A Handmade Fall

Continuing in my quest to produce handmade gifts for my loved ones this fall and winter, I tried out a few new recipes this weekend. I hope others love these as much as I do!

Homemade, all-natural sugar scrubs! Two different recipes: vanilla chai and pumpkin spice. They both smell amazing, and my hands felt great after using a little bit while I filled the jars. 

This was also my first time using coconut oil. I'll admit, it intimidated me a bit, but the lady at our local health foods store was super helpful in making sure I bought the right kind for what I needed. My one little 7 ounce jar of oil was enough for both recipes! I was worried there wouldn't be enough, but it worked out perfectly. 

The vanilla chai recipe made 3 (4oz) jars of scrub, and the pumpkin spice recipe made 8 (4oz) jars. Some of these jars will be donated to the Harvest Festival at church, the rest will be given as gifts.