Thursday, April 26, 2012

Knitter for All Seasons - 3KCBWDAY4

{the whole year through}

According to Ravelry (my ultimate knitting memory!), I've been knitting since 2005. Thanks to M and my former Saturday morning co-volunteer Kathy, I learned how to knit back in high school, casting on for numerous scarves and.... scarves. I've really been knitting seriously since about 2008 or so, at least as far as I can remember, expanding my skills and talents (although I still have so much to learn). I've lived in the midwest my whole life, and in these past 4 years, I've discovered that my knitting really reflects the seasons and their changes.

Spring and summer?
Small, portable projects.
Spring comes, and I look toward cottons, linens, smaller projects that don't require as much heavy fabric sitting in my lap, because let's face it. Once summer comes, that's just downright unbearable. Come summer, I try and keep up with my knitting, but it definitely becomes challenging as the temperatures (and subsequent humidity) rises. I usually start planning out Christmas gifts, Mom's birthday gift, and anything else I know will be coming up in the next few months. [To be completely honest, I'm also kind of glad for the quietness of my knitting mojo during these months, because it gives me more time to engage in one of my other hobbies -- reading.]

Brother-the-younger's touque, a la voyageur
Once fall arrives and the leaves begin changing, nights and eventually days are cooler, and the smell of woodsmoke and pumpkins are in the air, my knitting fever usually returns -- and with gusto! As I mentioned on Sunday, my color preferences usually change with the seasons. The same is true of my yarn contents. Come fall, I'm back into wools, wool blends, cashmere, anything soft and squishy and warm and luxurious. I'm thinking about sweaters and vests, shawls and cowls, hats and mittens. With the return of football and homework, so returns my knitting, keeping me company on Sunday afternoons as I cheer on the Pack, and waiting patiently as I read yet another article to discuss in class.

Endless Purple Baby Blanket!
And then comes winter, and I long to curl up in front of a fire, under a blanket, with a cup of coffee and my knitting to keep me company. This past winter, the big project was the Baby Blanket of Purple, which took up most of my winter knitting but was so rewarding. Winter also ushers in the frantic last-minute Christmas knitting, unfortunately accompanied all too often by the sinking realization that it probably won't be done on time, but IT'S OK! Mom's birthday is only in a couple more months... and New Year is right around the corner. All will be well.

Every year, my goal is to knit ahead for the next season, but that rarely happens, despite my best intentions. This summer, I've got a few projects that have been added to my queue upon request of some very worthy recipients, and some quite unsuspecting recipients. Yay for surprises! Some of these projects will do their best to defy my usual temperament to seasonal knitting, and they'll definitely expand my knitting techniques (lace shawls, picking up stitches, and double knitting, to name a few) so I'll definitely keep you updated on my progress.

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