Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Because Apparently I Enjoy Making Lists...

It's finals week. FINALLY. I'm so ready for the week to be over, but dreading all the work that still needs to be finished. Such is life. And as stressful as grad school may be, as much as I feel I'm neglecting other aspects of my life, I'm really blessed to have the opportunity to work on this degree- even if from a distance. Although I've decided my next degree (you know.... whenever that may be!) will not be online. I'm not so sure I can do this whole online thing all over again. A class or two if required? Sure. But an entire master's degree? No thank you.

So, in an effort to procrastinate on the impending mountain of doom final projects and exams, I have created another to do list. Deadline? Christmas.

  • Legal Final Exam
  • Preservation Evaluation
  • Reference Final Exam
  • Order Christmas cards
  • Decorate apartment for Christmas- the tree's already up, but the rest of the decorations? Not so much. Yet.
  • Finish Christmas shopping- aka figure out what to give my husband for Christmas
  • Finish Christmas knitting- brother-the-younger's neck warmer and mittens, mostly
  • Plan Christmas meals/festivities
  • Pumpkin Baking. From the Great Pumpkin Adventure 2011.
That's all I can think of right now, although knowing me, I'm already working on a list of craft projects/reading materials to plow through over break.

But for now... it's back to the books. [Or, websites as the case may be.]

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