Friday, October 12, 2012

Finally! Another Finished Object Post!

Facebook has informed me that today is officially "I LOVE YARN" Day! Whoo hoo! We all know how much I do indeed love yarn, and I know many of you do as well. I'm excited to celebrate a little later today by working on some of the projects I currently have on the needles. But first. It's time for another finished object post!

I've actually finished with this shawl a while ago, but haven't had time to write up this post and get all the pictures together in one spot. This project was a Christmas present from my wonderful husband, who went with me and let me pick it out the kit. I love the way it's turned out, so soft and warm and squishy... :)

Pattern: Classic Elite Yarns Alpaca Sox Lace Shawl Kit (by Romi) [Ironically, I can't find it linked on Rav anywhere... although the pattern really does exist!]
My Project Page: BiblioBleez's Wisteria Lace Shawl
Mods: None

Here it is, pre-blocked. Love the way the colors turned out!
After blocking, the transformation was remarkable! I'd never blocked anything seriously before, and I admit I was scared to try it. I made sure my sink was rinsed out super well... I didn't want any bleach stains to mar my new shawl. :)

Ta-da! :)

Please don't mind my spring-themed wreath. Turning it into my fall wreath is on this week's project list.
Can't wait to wear it this fall and winter!

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