Sunday, September 16, 2012

Weekend Wrap-Up, September Edition

Things have been kind of quiet around here lately. I suppose that's because life got super busy this past week and I found myself with little energy to blog by the end of the day. Somehow, relaxing on the couch watching episodes of How I Met Your Mother was more enticing. But...

This weekend:
How is it that we always seem busier on weekends than possible? Apparently this weekend has been the inauguration of our busier than possible fall weekend schedule. BUT. We had a good time with some friends at the young adult mini-golf outing, and an enjoyable dinner with some other friends who couldn't make it to the outing. Quite a few loads of laundry, catching up on cleaning and dishwashing, and the ever-present homework. Sounds like a pretty typical weekend for the fall, huh? I'm excited about some of the other activities we've got planned, both with others and by ourselves. Oktoberfest, Renaissance Fair, a fellowship breakfast and luncheon with some other ladies from town, dinner with friends, a few craft/heritage festivals, and hopefully apple picking! I think we'll get around to relaxing sometime in November... or maybe after Christmas.

Speaking of which, by Christmas I will be officially graduated, and (as of right now) completely free to spend my days however I wish. That will, of course, include job hunting, but in the mean time... I'm planning on relaxing and getting some projects finished up as well!

In the Kitchen:
I made this Chicken Salsa Chili and probably shouldn't have added quite so many jalapenos! It sure was spicy... In my defense, I didn't have the green chiles I thought were in my cabinet, so ... we decided to substitute jalapenos instead. They provided some good flavor, and definitely helped clear out some sinuses.

On the Needles:
I've got some new projects going, and have been working on small (think, one evening) projects lately, which is great for feeling productive! Currently plowing through a scarf I plan on donating to the Country Store held in conjunction with our church's chili and soup supper. I hope whoever goes home with it enjoys wearing it as much as I've enjoyed knitting it. (That, and I'm really loving the fall colors of the scarf -- yellows, oranges, purples, and brown.)

This Coming Week:
Look forward to some delicious breakfast ideas on Tasty Thursday. And I've got some finished object posts to share with you all, too!


  1. I hear you on the busy schedule! Seems like there is something going on everyday this month! I don't know when I will be able to go to knit night next. I know the next few weeks are packed. I hope you all don't forget about me! haha just kidding but I hope to make it every once in awhile now!

    1. How could we forget about you?! Impossible! Honestly, knit night is the one time a week I can schedule to relax and know it'll happen. Otherwise, I always find something else to do when I should be taking a break.