Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Thankful Tuesday

Friends, it's been a busy past two weeks. With proficiency exams going on, I've been busy writing, writing, and writing some more. Until I thought I was going to go crazy with all the information crammed into my brain. Exams ended Monday (well, I turned mine in early, yay!), so I spent the last part of this weekend catching up on all the homework that didn't get done during exams. And now I've got a group project due today that needs a few finishing touches. Can't wait to get that done, and maybe finally relax for a bit!

I've got a busy weekend coming up, one that I'm very much looking forward to. Movie night, parents visiting, friends visiting, and game nights. It'll be a blast, but definitely busy. I've been craving some down time, some me time recently, and I'm so looking forward to capitalizing on that time.

Until then, I've got laundry to wade through, an apartment to clean and make presentable, and bars to bake! Bars!! How I love them... I'm currently deciding if I want to venture out to a new recipe or not. Either way, I'm hoping they turn out delicious and satisfying. Speaking of satisfying, today is Oreo's 100th birthday. They've released a special Birthday Cake flavored Oreo in celebration, but I've been unable to find them here in town. Sad, sad day. They're SO good! (And so much for trying to eat healthier today!)

Last night at Knit Night, we enjoyed some maple cream cookies (also delicious!) and ice cream bars... you'd think we ladies like desserts or something! I also finished this neckwarmer for my brother! He requested one quite a few months ago, even bought me the yarn and everything. And now that it's almost spring.... it's finished. (In my defense, I had a blanket to knit in the mean time....) Don't mind the flowers, it's the closest thing I had to a model available today. Although it does remind me of those felted flower vase/pot covers. :) I've got a few exciting projects picked out for me coming up next... but first a trip to the LYS to find just the right yarn!

Despite all the stress, uncertainty, and general overwhelming feeling that comes with grad school and life, I'm thankful that things are getting accomplished, the weather is gorgeous (albeit windy), and I've got events to look forward to!

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