Sunday, March 18, 2012

Spring Break -- WHOO!!!

Finally! I thought it would never get here.... this semester has definitely been demanding in ways I wouldn't have expected. I've been learning so much, but some challenging situations that became quite stressful have definitely left me yearning for some mental respite. And now that the opportunity is here, I'm planning on taking full advantage of it! The weather is helping, of course.... temps in the 70s and 80s in March? Strange... but I'm not complaining! One of my favorite things during the entire year is the transition from winter to spring, more daylight, flowers starting to bloom, and listening to the birds sing. So relaxing, so peaceful. Sometimes if I weren't too much of a city girl, I'd love to get away from it all and live in the woods, preferably near a lake or stream... something remote, tranquil, and relaxing. A girl can dream....

So in the mean time, I've got a few projects lined up for break. I'm excited to finally have a chance to focus on some more time-intensive creative projects. It'll be a nice break from the time-intensive analytical projects for school for sure!

  • Decorate wreath for front door. I've already got the wreath and the flowers... now I just need to put it all together.
  • Organize knitting patterns into binder -- no more rummaging through different places trying to find the other half of the pattern, OK?
  • Donate clothes. Yes, we went through our closets when we got married and moved. But surprise, surprise- there's still more! I tend to get emotionally attached to things... everything, it seems! And sometimes I feel so guilty for being so blessed. I want to share that with others.... plus the closets are getting a little crowded.
  • Finally organize our movies into some logical order. Genres together, alphabetical order.... can you tell I'm a librarian at heart?
  • Start at least one of the long-term knitting projects. D has requested a sweater vest to help combat the cold office. And we've got a special little nephew arriving later this year, which means I get to have fun baby knitting! :)
Is that enough? It doesn't seem like enough, but I know with a little homework thrown in, the week's going to fly by and these few projects will be more than enough! I'd also like to read a book over break... novel idea, I know.

What plans do you have this spring? How are you engaging your creative side?

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