Saturday, July 16, 2011

What a yarn of a tale...

Why yes, I am moving in a week.
Why yes, I do have more things to pack than I realized.
Why yes, I am worried about everything fitting in our new apartment.
Why yes, my nearest Jo-Ann's is moving to a larger location, and consequently having a HUGE "Everything Must Go!" sale.
Why yes, I did find yarn at 50% off.

Why yes, of course I needed to buy the 8 skeins of yarn I found.....

[Not to mention the 5 I picked up at Michael's yesterday, plus the 4 I ordered for my brother's requested projects! Or the yarn I received as bridal shower gifts.... or the yarn I bought on our honeymoon.........]

Grand total added to stash within past month and a half: 24 skeins.

Why no, I don't need help!

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