Monday, July 25, 2011

Moving Day...

Don't have much to post today, except that it's moving day. I'm a mixture of nervousness, anticipation, and a bit of excitement. Moving to a small town is something I honestly never really saw coming when I planned out my future as a child. Some days, I still have doubts about this city girl's ability to make it in a small town... but I know God has a plan for our lives, and that I'll learn and grow as everyone else does. Everyone else seems very positive about our move, and I've received multiple comments from people about how exciting this all is....... I suppose I should trust them, right? :P

Aside from the general moving anxiety I seem to have, I'm also still contemplating what this move means for the half-baked librarian/archivist I am. Yes, we won't be too far from KC, but I still feel kind of like I'm leaving my professional net, my colleague support group, not that I have a very extensive, tight group here. I think it's more the concept of things. I'm viewing this whole life-altering move as an adventure, something that will give me experience both personally and professionally. Another puzzle piece in the life of BiblioBleez.

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