Sunday, February 5, 2012

In Which There is Domestic Success!

Friends. I've been having some wonderful domestic success lately. I wanted to share a few awesome things that came out of my kitchen.

Spaghetti Pizza Pie- YUM.
First, I made this delicious Spaghetti Pizza Pie for both some friends of ours and us. It was WONDERFUL. I had been hungry for something casserole, something cheesy, but nothing chicken. I know. Since when am I not hungry for chicken?! Anyway, spaghetti pizza pie is one of my favorite comfort foods, and this recipe is definitely a keeper. (Our friends also asked me for the recipe, which reminds me I should write it out and give it to them.....)

A few nights ago, D had evening meetings and I was on my own for dinner. Again. I wanted mac and cheese, but knew I should eat something a little healthier than that. I'm not sure if this fit the bill for healthier, but it's very tasty. I got the idea for this recipe off Pinterest, but didn't have the beef, so I substituted ham instead. Once it was in the oven, it smelled so delicious, and it's definitely cheesy and tasty! Not bad for throwing something together at 7:15 pm.

Finally. As we all know, it's Super Bowl Sunday. Last year we watched the game with some friends of ours and our hostess made a super tasty buffalo chicken dip. I'm not sure where she got the recipe from, but it's different than what I've found on the hot sauce bottles. And friends, it's good. This year as we're in a new town with new friends, I decided to carry on her tradition and make the dip for our gathering today. So last night I made the dip and had to resist eating half of it. [Besides, if I had actually eaten half the dip, I probably would have burned my tongue off. Not that it's super hot, but there's definitely a kick to it.] Unfortunately, making this dip required a trip to the store for a BRAND NEW CROCK POT! My 7 quart is way too big for the amount of dip-- it would look almost empty. :(

Behold: my cute, new 2 quart crock pot!
2 quart crock pot, buffalo chicken dip not included.
I'm one of those people to get overly excited about new kitchen gadgets and appliances. I know; I'm strange. And I'm ok with that. I'm just excited that I still enjoy cooking after almost 8 months and am actually pretty decent at it. ;) Although, I must give D credit- he made an awesome chicken piccata last night for dinner.

Here's hoping for a good game, fun time with friends, and tasty food this evening!

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