Friday, February 17, 2012

"Brown paper packages tied up with strings...."

I should be working on homework and outlining my exams. However, I have decided to take this moment to share with you all some lovely items I received in the mail this past week! Seriously, it was one of the best weeks ever for mail. :)

First of all, I shipped off this lovely box to the west coast. The swap I participated in on Rav is now over, so I can share some of the lovely things I did for that! I was so excited about sending this box off to my swap partner, and I am happy to report that she LOVED it! Yay!!
Awesome swap package for my new friend! Including some yummy Malabrigo, Cascade 200, coffee, cappuccino, apple butter, homemade soap (not by me, though!), a coffee mug, chocolates, fuzzy socks, and stitch markers!

Here's a close up of the stitch markers I made for her! I love them, and think they turned out great! M actually helped me with them as I put them together while she was visiting. I feel so crafty!

I'm really glad my swap partner enjoyed receiving her box... I'll be honest. I really wanted to keep that Malabrigo for myself, but I'm also glad to have shared it with her. I guess it just means another trip to the yarn store to see if they have anymore in stock!

But what fun is a swap if you don't get anything back?? I also received a wonderfully awesome box from my swap partner the other day in the mail! I was so excited about everything she included- it's just perfect! She included a cowl pattern and skein of chunky Montana yarn for the pattern- it's so soft and wooly! There was some local coffee, a variety of teas, mini tea tongs (ingenious!), handmade coffee cozies, a bookmark, chocolates, a mini notebook, and some sticky notes that say "Given enough coffee, I could rule the world!" So perfect!

It was such a fun, yarn-filled week. But that's not all! I also received a surprise package from my dear friend the Historian. The Historian and I went to college together, and she is one of the best package givers I know! She put together a President's Day package for me, complete with cherries (Washington!), Presidential flash cards, coloring pages!, chocolates, conversation jelly beans!, and a Hello Kitty valentine. <3  Her wonderful package definitely brightened my day, and made the looming exams not so stressful.

Tonight I enjoyed the much needed companionship of two new friends of mine. There's something about bonding over a cup of coffee that really does the heart good. :) And with that.... we're back to our usual weekend activities of homework and exams. I'll be so glad when March rolls around and life will somewhat return to normal (for school anyway!).

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