Thursday, November 17, 2011

Our Heroine's Thursday

It appears a common trend among bloggers to post reviews of their otherwise normal days. For lack of anything else to discuss that I haven't already, and because I felt as though I didn't get much accomplished today, I thought it might be good to prove otherwise to myself.

Our heroine began her Thursday a bit unusually. Needing the car for an appointment in the late morning, she actually woke before her husband and took him to work. Unlike last week, she had no stops to make on the way back home, and proceeded to busy herself upon arrival with the task of Organizing the Kitchen. After The Great Pumpkin Adventure 2011 last night (post forthcoming), there was still order to maintain. A breakfast of eggs and potatoes later, we find our heroine somewhat relaxing on the couch, combing through emails, checking class discussion boards, and catching up on the daily news.

Our heroine then visited the dentist (again) for a simple procedure (the first time dental work did not involve extractions!), and rewarded herself with some grocery shopping. A bottle of German wine (for Christmas!), cranberry white cheddar cheese, various meats, holiday baking necessities, and a Holiday Blooming Cactus later, she joined her husband for lunch and some good old fashioned Looney Tunes. The afternoon defined itself in an awesome $10 haircut, a few last grocery items, attempts at homework, and an indulgence in BOGO Starbucks Christmas drinks. Fortified with a delicious dinner of tortellini, salad, and breadsticks, along with the company of her good Italian husband :], our heroine settled in for an evening of more homeworking, knitting, and movies.

She looks forward to Thanksgiving break next week, The Great Pumpkin Baking Adventure 2011, finishing her knitting obligations on time, and the tasty vittles carefully stored away for Christmas.

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