Tuesday, July 15, 2014

I'm sensing a theme here...

Apparently this blog has become a catalog of craft projects, at least for now... I'm ok with that! It helps keep me accountable, and gives me that extra push I need to work on projects after work in the evenings (honestly, I'd rather sit on the couch and do nothing sometimes. Good thing knitting is portable!).

First up, another soap sack, by request. This yarn isn't my favorite to knit with, but it works great for the finished product!
Pattern: His 'n' Hers Shower Soap Holders by Cathy Carron
Yarn: Lion Brand Martha Stewart Crafts Cotton Hemp, Picnic Green colorway
Ravelry project page here

An adorable little hat. The construction was really unique, using short rows to knit it flat instead of in the round:
Pattern: Poppy by Justine Turner
Yarn: CEY's Liberty Wool Light, in the Sonic Lavender colorway
Ravelry project page here

Then there's another Honey Cowl, this time for my dear friend Sarah. She lives in Chicago and needs something to keep her warm during the winter. This ├╝ber squishy, wool cowl should do the trick! I love the color she picked out... it's got autumn written all over it.

Pattern: Honey Cowl by Antonia Shankland
Yarn: Knit Picks Swish Tonal, in the Harvest Tonal colorway (2 hanks)
Ravelry project page here
I had a bit of leftover yarn from Sarah's cowl, so I made these Honey Cowl-inspired coffee cozies. They were super quick to knit up, I got them done in the car on our epic Chicago weekend adventure. I personally prefer the ones with the ribbed edge, instead of the rolled one.
Pattern: Honey Coffee Cozies (mine, based on Honey Cowl by Antonia Shankland)
Yarn: Knit Picks Swish Tonal, Harvest Tonal colorway
Ravelry project page here

In my never-ending quest to use up the stash (hey, I think it's working!!), I dug out some cotton I've had for a few years. This color reminded me of Valentine's Day, and I wanted to make something sweet with it. Trusty dishcloths are always near-instant gratification projects, but I needed a bit of a challenge. I found this round dishcloth pattern and absolutely love the way it's striping! (And scones. YUM.)
Pattern: Round Dishcloth by Amy Carpenter
Yarn: Lily Sugar'n Cream in the Damask Ombre colorway
Ravelry project page here

Noticing a pattern here?? That fabric (along with a few others) became these over the weekend. Love both of them, apparently I'm in the mood for green and polka dots:
Pattern : (No Guts!) Boxie Pouch
SoChick! Handbags & Embroidery {Melissa Strong} (looks like she took down the link to the pattern. sorry, folks.)

More crafting in the works... no surprises there!

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