Monday, May 23, 2011

And the results are in!

This semester: 4.0

I am quite pleased, if I do say so myself.

Drew and I were discussing this in the car the other day. It's funny how in college, and even my first semester of grad school, I felt like I never worked hard enough and my grades, no matter how outstanding they were, were worth more than the amount of work I put in. Basically, I felt like I should always do more, and better, work to earn the 'A' I received. Ridiculous. (Granted, there were a few classes that I felt the grade truly reflected my effort and work level for the class.) I'm glad to say that this semester, I'm finally feeling like I'm putting in the level of work to receive the grade I do, which is a nice feeling... in a way. But I still admit I set ridiculously high standards for myself. And with all that being said...

Am I really crazy enough to set my standards for another 4.0 next semester, being newly married, living in a new town, and going back to full time status? Yes. Bring it on.

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