Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Christmas in July (but really, August) Swap

Our knitting group decided to have a Christmas in July swap this summer. We didn't exactly have a Christmas theme, but everyone came up with some awesome packages for their recipient.

This swap had a $10 limit, and had to include one handmade item (not included in the price limit). I drew my friend Shanna's name. Shanna loves cute things, knitting notions, and practical items. She also loves the color purple, which is why this second boxie bag is so perfect for her (there's a purple lining, of which I forgot to take a picture):

I also included some adorable strawberry buttons, notecards, a sample of Satin Hands, some farm animal paper clips, gauge swatches, handmade tags, a little bit of Soak, some hair tie stitch markers, a skein of Peaches & Creme yarn for dishcloths, and a beautiful pattern.

I still have to take pictures of the swap package I received, but I'll post those soon!

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  1. And I LOVE it so much!! I immediately made hubby sit attentively so I could show him all of my wonderful goodies. Then I took a pic and sent it to my friend across the country. lol You really are quite wonderful. Thank you, again.