Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Birthday Presents!

Now that both of my family members have received their birthday presents this month, I'm excited to show them off!

Mom had requested some warm mittens sometime this winter. I had the perfect yarn in the perfect color, and even have enough left over to make myself a headband! Alpaca mittens are sure to keep your hands warm even on the coldest days. She loves them, as I knew she would. :)
Raveled here: Some Birthday Mittens for Mom

She also got this pair of earrings I made out of some leftover beads used for stitch markers.
Don't they remind you of Easter eggs?
She claims it was overkill, but I think she deserves it for being the best mom ever!

D's birthday present was a fairly easy project to put together, and I didn't even need a pattern! (O.K., so I used one to reference material yardage, but after that, I just used one of our old pillowcases as a template.) Seriously, from cutting out the fabric to ripping out seams to sewing up the final seams, it took maybe an hour. I'm quite pleased with the result, even if I don't approve of his team choice! ;)

Mostly, I love how well those two fabrics coordinate. :)
He loves them, and I love that he doesn't think it's lame or dorky at all to get new Vikings pillowcases for his birthday.

My sewing machine has seen quite a bit of use during these snow days. (Seriously, because of all this snow that's been dumped on the midwest, I've worked 1 day during the past week! Crazy!) I'll have more sewing projects to share next month...

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